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Our group at the University of Queensland in Brisbane Australia has focused on the discovery and structural characterisation of circular proteins over recent years, particularly on the family of proteins that we named the cyclotides (Craik, et al., 1999).

More generally we are interested in the structure determination by NMR of a range of disulfide rich proteins that have applications in drug design. These include peptides from snakes, spiders, cone-snails, frogs and plants.

Further details on our lab are available on our web site. We are located at the Institute for Molecular Biosciences, at the University of Queensland.

Group members seated (from left to right):
Michael Korsincsky, David Ireland, Sofia Bengtsson, Angel Salim, Dr. Horst Schirra, Julie Dutton, Dr. Norelle Daly, Johan Rosengren, Prof. David Craik, Lillian Sando and Emma Millard.

Group members standing (from left to right):
Manuela Trabi, Shane Simonsen, Manuel Plan, Dr. Richard Clark, Jason Mulvenna and Daniel Barry.


Craik DJ, Daly NL, Bond T and Waine C: Plant cyclotides: A unique family of cyclic and knotted proteins that defines the cyclic cystine knot structural motif. J. Mol. Biol. (1999) 294:1327-1336.